I've been performing stand up comedy in the District and at festivals around the country since 2012! My stand up is sarcastic, witty and often includes imaginative over-analysis of everyday life. I frequently explore super original and edgy topics like my cats, dating and eating.

I have performed at the Howard Theatre and the Contemporary Jewish Museum and am proud to be the regular host of PUN DMV at the DC Improv and the Well, Well, Well Comedy Live Stream at Your Computer! I also produce and host highly elaborate theme shows for holidays. 

Please contact me for booking! I can easily do a clean set to meet the needs of your audience.


Clip from a Host Set at the DC Improv


Quaranteen Magazine Pitch

Quaranteen Sequel

Pro-Mask Memes for America

Accurate Depiction of Chris' Covid-19 Test


I produce and host two annual theme shows for Halloween and Fourth of July! These unique and over-the-top events feature games, costumes and talented local comics. Check out some pictures from past shows below!

'MURRICA: Part Theme Party, Part Comedy Show, All American

Old Engine 12



LOL, stay home! I've been part of some private events and keeping busy as the co-producer and co-host of Grassroots Comedy DC online shows. Check out for info on upcoming shows! 

Arch City Comedy Festival (Columbus, OH)

The Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco, CA)

DC Improv

DC Fringe Festival
The Howard Theatre

The State Theater

What a Joke Festival

She Devil Comedy Festival (New York City)

President Lincoln's Cottage

Rock/Gem/Mineral Puns at PUN DMV at the DC Improv

Wits & Roots: Comedy & Trivia Earth Day Spectacular

4/22/21, 8:00pm Eastern

This show is 50% comedy, 50% trivia, and 100% MAGIC -- raising funds for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network!

pun and games (9).png

Pun & Games: Mother's Day Edition

5/6/21, 8PM Eastern

Tickets available here!

In this interactive show from Grassroots Comedy DC, comedians and audience members out-clever each other through several rounds of not-very-intense game play! Think JackBoxesque games with your funniest friends for a good cause, plus the opportunity to play along or just judge others. Plus, we're raising funds for Greater DC Diaper Fund!


Roxy's LLS All Star Virtual Comedy Event Presented by Simone & Friends

5/19/21, 8PM Eastern

Tickets available here!

All proceeds from this event  are 100% tax deductible and will benefit Roxana's 2021 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) All-Star Campaign towards sponsoring an Immunotherapy Cancer Research Grant. The event will include comedy performances by Simone, Reese Waters, Dana Fleitman and Natalie McGill.  There will be a raffle during the event.  


Comedienne. Emcee. Speaker. Educator.

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