I've been performing stand up comedy in the District and at festivals around the country since 2012! My stand up is sarcastic, witty and often includes imaginative over-analysis of everyday life. I frequently explore super original and edgy topics like my cats, dating and eating.

I have performed at the Howard Theatre and the Contemporary Jewish Museum and am proud to be the regular host of PUN DMV at the DC Improv and the Well, Well, Well Comedy Live Stream at Your Computer! I also produce and host highly elaborate theme shows for holidays. 

Please contact me for booking! I can easily do a clean set to meet the needs of your audience.


Clip from a Host Set at the DC Improv


Quaranteen Magazine Pitch

Quaranteen Sequel

Pro-Mask Memes for America

Accurate Depiction of Chris' Covid-19 Test


I produce and host two annual theme shows for Halloween and Fourth of July! These unique and over-the-top events feature games, costumes and talented local comics. Check out some pictures from past shows below!

'MURRICA: Part Theme Party, Part Comedy Show, All American

Old Engine 12



LOL, stay home! I've been keeping busy as the co-producer and co-host of Grassroots Comedy DC's Well, Well, Well Comedy Live Stream, a bi-weekly-ish show in which comics share deep insights for your wellness. HEALarity ensues. Check out for info on upcoming shows! 

PUN DMV, 7/30/20

DC Improv Website

7:30pm Eastern

$6 tickets

Come out and wordplay! You're invited to watch or compete in Pun DMV, our pun contest. The night features two events, based on the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship. In the Freestyle, contestants register in advance and prepare short pun-filled speeches. In the Tournament, people sign up the night of the show for an on-the-spot pun battle. Win either contest and you can go home with some prizes.

Comedy Pot Luck, 8/15/20

The World Wide Web

8:30pm Live Stream

Experimental, open mic comedy show. No improv, no stand up - everything else goes. Shows every third Saturday of the month.

Well, Well, Well Comedy Live Stream 8/20/20

The Internetz

Free, Donations Suggested

Comedians share deep insights for your wellness PLUS raise funds for worthy causes! HEALarity ensues

It's episode 007, and we're (emotionally) shaken AND stirred AND ready! Stop on by our virtual yurt for Grassroots Comedy DC's next episode of "Well, Well, Well" -- a very meaningful show where comedians share deep insights for your wellness. From work from home hacks to stress reduction techniques to plain ol' silliness, this show will guide and soothe your troubled soul.

Be ZENtertained by talented folks including Kasha Patel, Matty Litwack, Robert Mac, Joseph Leland Malinski, Alyssa Briddes, Mikael Johnson, and even more special guests. Hosted by the chillest and most calming presences you've ever encountered on this plane, Dana Fleitman and Chris Blackwood.

And, in case you haven't heard, there's this like...pandemic going on? Yeah. Dude. Google it. One of the many terrible impacts of Covid-19 is an increase in domestic violence and a decrease in available services/options for victims and survivors. So we're proud to be raising funds for House of Ruth - since 1976, they've been empowering District women, children and families to rebuild their lives and heal from trauma, abuse and homelessness. House of Ruth offers comprehensive support for women, children and families, with a continuum of services encompassing enriched housing for families and single women, trauma-informed daycare for children, and free counseling. Heck yeah!

So brew that kombucha, don your stretchiest yoga pants, and get ready to be centered and calm AF!

Requested donations of $5 minimum - $5,000 maximum: please donate what you can!

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Arch City Comedy Festival (Columbus, OH)

The Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco, CA)

DC Improv

DC Fringe Festival
The Howard Theatre

The State Theater

What a Joke Festival

She Devil Comedy Festival (New York City)

President Lincoln's Cottage

Rock/Gem/Mineral Puns at PUN DMV at the DC Improv


Comedienne. Emcee. Speaker. Educator.

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